Urgent: Make That Offer!

51675425_1125100681003756_6831602949844631552_nHere’s one piece of advice about buying property in the current market climate (February 2019):

Don’t ?sleep ? on ? that ? listing!

You may think that because winter is traditionally slower you won’t face a competitive offer situation or log in one day to see the home you’ve been watching is suddenly pending. You are wrong. It’s happened to a couple of my buyers since the first of the year and it’s hard to recover from.

It’s true that conducting your home search during the winter months can give you an advantage. That’s why savvy home-buyers who know what they want and how they’ll get it are actively shopping during this time. If you find a property in your price range that hits all your major needs, put an offer on that place ASAP. If you need a week or longer to think about it, you’re probably going to lose it. If you’re going to shop on Zillow without a plan, prepare to be heartbroken.  

? ? ?

You can avoid losing to other buyers by having a clear and concise understanding of your property needs and buying ability. Before you look at property, get pre-approved, not just pre-qualified, so you can act quickly with a strong offer when you find the one. Use an agent with energy who has good communication and negotiating skills.

You can prepare yourself for the fast-paced process of purchasing property by reading ahead. I prepared this article/handout for my clients and customers: We’re Under Contract, Now What? To figure out what you really need and want out of a home, fill out my Buyer Preference Worksheet.