Ask the Insurance Agent – with Kevin Foster from Allstate

KF KeytagA couple of my clients were wondering if certain features of a home would make their insurance premium go up, so I decided to confer with a local expert. There’s nothing more discouraging than loving a home but wondering if something about it is going to bring the sale to a halt. I asked Kevin Foster of Allstate Insurance if there were certain things home shoppers should stay away from. Here’s what he had to say:

“When looking at homes, it may seem like certain items would raise your insurance premiums. Like all other things, it’s never too much trouble to reach out to your local insurance agent to ask them what may or may not be an issue. You could find that something you thought was a problem, is fine after all, or vice versa. In fact, many issues that your insurance provider would find problematic would be something that the appraiser and/or the home inspector would also note. At that point you may either need to move on, or work with said companies to figure out how to rectify the issue. A good example is a swimming pool.

“Some insurers (like Allstate) don’t charge an additional premium for pool owners. However, you would be required to either have the pool fenced in, or have a fence installed around the property itself. This is actually why you see many pool owners with fences.”

If you have an insurance question (or any question about the buying process), please reach out! I’ll help you get it answered.