Why You Need Buyer Representation (and How I Can Work for Free)

The question I hear most from my clients is, “Is this normal?”

In real estate, there is no normal. No two properties are exactly alike. No two property transactions are exactly alike. As your real estate agent, I’m the best resource you have in your home-buying journey. This may be your first or second home purchase, but I’ve guided countless transactions to closing. I have the training and experience to think creatively in tough situations, and I have many contacts throughout the real estate world to call on for help when the going gets tough (or weird).

Buying or selling a home can be an emotional process. Having an objective representative to negotiate and relay information can be crucial to keeping a deal together. I’m your coach, planner, and fixer from start to finish, and I’m there for you even after you have the keys to your new home in hand. The best part? You don’t pay me a dime.

How Can I Work for Free?

I choose not to charge my buyer clients a fee to retain my services. That means you get the benefits of having an agent solely devoted to your needs and interests and it doesn’t cost you a thing. But I don’t work for free. My fee is paid by the listing agency at the closing table. Why?

Here’s some insight into buyer and seller representation: A seller’s agent is the listing agent, and a buyer’s agent is the selling agent. A listing agent is paid to market the home, and they pay me, the selling agent, when I match the property with a buyer. I’m technically selling the home and that’s how I get paid.

If you want to help other first-time homebuyers by sharing wisdom about the process, you can download a print-quality PDF of this article here: Why You Need Buyer Representation